Watch BIG Wave Surfing on the North Shore

Every winter, powerful swells cross thousands of miles of open ocean and descend upon the Hawaiian Islands, creating some of the biggest, most powerful and most challenging waves on the planet.pipelineDuring November and December of each year, the surfing world watches the best surfers compete for the┬áVans Triple Crown of Surfing which consists of three grueling and challenging surf contests: the Pipe Masters, the World Cup of Surfing and the Hawaiian Pro. Points are tallied and those with the top scores win world acclaim as “the best of the best” in surfing.

haleiwaThe North Shore is the stage for these contests. The two-lane Kamehameha Highway gets rather congested – but to catch even a glimpse of the world’s best breaks is well worth the drive. Besides, who doesn’t love taking a rental with the top down around the island! Cruise around the coast (heading north-bound from Waimanalo) all day to end up in the historic town of Haleiwa (once home of Baywatch Hawaii!) for some delicious local food then watch the sunset past Kaena Point. A wonderful day-trip, indeed!

If you are here during the big-surf season, check out the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Facebook page for the latest information. You can get details and history as well as more videos at the official website.

Here’s a handy map showing the entire shore-line drive from Hale Nalo to Haleiwa.