Category: Best Things To Do on Oahu

Nov 12

Colton Farms, located in Waimanalo, has started a petting zoo. In it you’ll see wild pigs, lots of chickens, geese and even a few burros. This is a serious stop, folks.

Aug 12

Beat The Heat is the place to be tomorrow night. Go rub elbows with anyone who is anyone in the honolulu art scene. Enjoy eats from celebrated Town, music by Kalani and the Cruisers, or take a tour of Boardshorts: A Perfect Fit (meet docents inside the gallery) and participate in art activities for a chance to win prizes. Groovy night in store no doubt.

Aug 12

Check out this list I found online. Although there are ads tucked in, it’s a pretty darned good list and I give it my thumbs up!

Aug 12

Vacationing in Hawaii means spending lots of time outdoors doing all sorts of aerobic exercise such as hiking, swimming and cycling, and the beach is often used as a gym for those who must leave their 24 Hour Fitness behind.

For example, there is a log on the beach that we use for doing pushups on an incline. We love the challenge of walking and running on the 3.5 mile white sand beach and of course, tai chi and yoga can be practiced also at the beach in an incredibly serene setting.

The foods you eat also play a big role in keeping you fit. Fresh fruits like papaya and coconut abound, as do restaurants that serve up fresh fish steamed local-style with a little cilantro and ginger. Our local “Sweet Home Waimanalo” is a restaurant that is committed to providing healthy options, including vegetarian. Our visitors have many choices to eat healthfully.

We embrace healthy living and will be glad to support our guests’ commitment to health whilst our guest. Aloha!

Aug 12

I did this many years ago while on a voyage from Molokai to Lanai. As we sailed, we happened into a school of dolphins and so the skipper, Rob Barrel, dumped the sails. When I saw the dolphins, I jumped overboard. Rob tossed me my snorkel mask and when I looked into the water, I saw that I was surrounded by dolphins that looked like they were in a ballet. It was a magical moment in my life.

This experience can still be had. I highly recommend Wild Side Tours out in east Oahu.

For conscientious adventure seekers who want to explore Hawaii’s amazing marine heritage with an eco-sensitive, respectful marine biologist guide choose Wild Side Tours. (We do not support industries that profit by keeping wild animals in captivity.)

In addition to swimming with wild dolphins, you may find yourself snorkeling alongside native Hawaiian sea turtles (“honu”) on coral reefs and encountering whales (year-round). Wonderful staff. Tip: their “Best of the West” tour rocks!