Category: Waimanalo

Nov 12

Colton Farms, located in Waimanalo, has started a petting zoo. In it you’ll see wild pigs, lots of chickens, geese and even a few burros. This is a serious stop, folks.

Aug 12

Vacationing in Hawaii means spending lots of time outdoors doing all sorts of aerobic exercise such as hiking, swimming and cycling, and the beach is often used as a gym for those who must leave their 24 Hour Fitness behind.

For example, there is a log on the beach that we use for doing pushups on an incline. We love the challenge of walking and running on the 3.5 mile white sand beach and of course, tai chi and yoga can be practiced also at the beach in an incredibly serene setting.

The foods you eat also play a big role in keeping you fit. Fresh fruits like papaya and coconut abound, as do restaurants that serve up fresh fish steamed local-style with a little cilantro and ginger. Our local “Sweet Home Waimanalo” is a restaurant that is committed to providing healthy options, including vegetarian. Our visitors have many choices to eat healthfully.

We embrace healthy living and will be glad to support our guests’ commitment to health whilst our guest. Aloha!

Aug 12

Hale ‘Nalo is a one-minute walk to this beach, rated the #1 beach in the world by ISLANDS magazine (June 2011)

This beach is close enough to hear the waves lull you to sleep (but far enough away to not disturb your sleep)…

A full 3.5 miles long, this white sandy beach is fantastic for taking long walks, work on your tan, swimming, shelling, watching the sun come up, people watching, having a picnic, reading a book, napping… and it is not at all unusual to have the beach to yourself.

We offer beach towels, beach chairs, boogie boards, swim fins, coolers and cold drinks, all complimentary and for your enjoyment.

Aug 12

On-going yoga classes are held in an open space a ten minute walk from Hale ‘Nalo. Cost is $10 per class or 5 classes for $40.

Classes are held: Tuesday evenings (5:30 – 6:45 PM), and Friday mornings (8:30 – 9:45 AM)