Aug 12
Last Updated on 06 September 2012

Go swimming with a pod of wild dolphins

I did this many years ago while on a voyage from Molokai to Lanai. As we sailed, we happened into a school of dolphins and so the skipper, Rob Barrel, dumped the sails. When I saw the dolphins, I jumped overboard. Rob tossed me my snorkel mask and when I looked into the water, I saw that I was surrounded by dolphins that looked like they were in a ballet. It was a magical moment in my life.

This experience can still be had. I highly recommend Wild Side Tours out in east Oahu.

For conscientious adventure seekers who want to explore Hawaii’s amazing marine heritage with an eco-sensitive, respectful marine biologist guide choose Wild Side Tours. (We do not support industries that profit by keeping wild animals in captivity.)

In addition to swimming with wild dolphins, you may find yourself snorkeling alongside native Hawaiian sea turtles (“honu”) on coral reefs and encountering whales (year-round). Wonderful staff. Tip: their “Best of the West” tour rocks!


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